Nephrology is a branch of medicine dealing with the medical disease of kidney and kidney transplantation. The kidney is a paired structure located on either side of the abdominal cavity. Kidneys perform a very important function in the body of removing waste and toxins, maintaining the balance of electrolytes, acid & base, maintain bone strength, hemoglobin level, and regulate blood pressure. Diabetes, hypertension, stone disease, consumption of some drugs like pain killer medicines for a long time can damage kidneys. Kidney disease could be life-threatening and requires an array of diagnostic tests and procedures like sonography, laboratory tests, kidney biopsy, etc.

Department of Nephrology at B.T. Savani Kidney Hospital with more than 46 hemodialysis machines with ultra-modern water treatment facilities is one of its kind in the region. Separate independent units for patients harboring infective viruses (HbsAg& HCV) ensures prevention of the spread of infection in maintenance hemodialysis patients. With protocols for Single-use dialyzer and tubing, stringent protocols as per the international standards for sterilization of RO plants ensure almost zero infection rate.

A team of experienced, well-qualified nephrologists conduct outpatient departments and perform kidney biopsies, SLED plasmapheresis, hemofiltration, etc in addition to hemodialysis & CAPD.

One of its kind pediatric nephrology unit is equipped with specialized dialysis machines and other instruments & is being managed by a pediatric nephrologist and specially trained technicians and nursing staff.

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